The 2015 Colorado Custom and Vintage Bicycle Expo was a tremendous success. The 2016 date is January 31

Bicycle Concours de'Elegance

See a stunning array of some of the worlds finest vintage road and mountain bicycles!

A Fun Bicycle Swap

Find that part you've been looking for at the bicycle swap. We encourage vendors to bring "the nice stuff"

Mark Nobilette

Some of Americas Greatest Builders Showcasing their craft

Lovers of handcrafted bicycles rejoice!

Vintage Fun!

Great bikes to look at - and many will be for sale!

As of October 2015, many exhibitors have committed to the 2016 show!

Custom handcrafted Road and Mountain Expo

Custom Builder Expo

Some of America's greatest bicycle builders will display their stunning creations. The bicycles on display represent the juxtaposition of craft and performance. Colorado is home to some of the worlds greatest builders. Road, mountain, or fix gear machines will be on display.

Bicycles on display will feature everyone's favorite materials; titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel. For the cost of many high-end production bikes, a truly handcrafted custom machine can be purchased instead. This expo is a great opportunity to meet in person with a variety of builders and see if one of their handmade creations is right for you!

Bicycle Concours d'Elegance - with prizes!

Bicycle Concours d'Elegance

A bicycle show is always fun - its a great place to show off your prized machine and too see the pride-and-joy's of other attendees. The Concours event will award prizes in categories that will be announced in early December. The focus of the show is on lightweight racing/touring bicycles and also early mountain bikes. Track bikes are also welcome of course.

The judging will be casual and we don't want folks to get too carried away with any formality. Even if your bike may not be a prize winner so what? It will be great to have it on display. But with a wide array of categories (including awards for bikes that are "users") this isn't going to be like some uptight car show where folks freak out about dust. Its about folks coming together and celebrating cool bikes together!

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Bicycle Swap Meet

Everyone loves to find cool new bikes or parts to complete that project. The swap meet will have a strong vintage/classic theme, though if the occasional modern part sneaks in that is fine too! Expect to see lots of Campagnolo Shimano, and cool bicycle collectibles.

We do ask our participants to "bring out the good stuff" for this event. We like the swap meet to be both a feast for the eyes and the wallet. This isn't the place to find truckloads of rusty hulks or balloon tire bikes (these have merits but this isn't the theme of this event). Performance oriented antique bicycles, however, are most welcome.